Richard Collins

Banjo and Mandolin

The latest addition to Joe’s band is Richard Collins who has more than once held off all the competition at British bluegrass championships and who also plays in a variety of bands, one with a repertoire ranging from the court music of Vivaldi and folk songs from the borders of England and Scotland to country & western.

Richard who became so polished upon banjo and mandolin indeed by the late 1990s was also getting requests to cross the pond and play sessions in Nashville.

Several Collins projects received rave reviews in the early years of the new millennium, including his own A Band Like Alice's debut release in the EMI new music series and a particularly diverse Simon Mayor album The Mandolinquents. Having been judged to be the United Kingdom's finest bluegrass banjoist some three years in a row, Richard joins us from September and is already playing with Pete, Phil & Mike in a group some of you will know called The New Grass Cutters.